Detailed Project Reports (DPR)


1) DPR is to be sent to the Ministry for projects with an estimated project cost exceeding Rs.10.00crore.

2) DPRs shall be prepared by the line department concerned of the State / UT or through the agency which will be executing the project.

3) The DPR should, inter-alia, include the basic information and must establish hits economic and technical viability such as its rationale, cost, funds required, similar facilities available in and around area of the project site, detailed technical specifications etc .In addition, the DPR should clearly have the following:


Certification that the cost estimates are as approved by the competent authorities of the State / UT and that the costs are based on the latest Schedules of Rates (SOR) in force in the State / UT concerned;

•Intended economic / social benefit and target beneficiaries; and

•Status of relevant regulatory and statutory clearances.


4) Two copies of DPRs for each project shall be sent to the Ministry of Minority Affairs for examination and clearance.