Monitoring Mechanism


There would be a robust mechanism for monitoring of the program with an independent monitoring system and monitoring with the involvement of community in addition to monitoring structure of committee sat different level. Thus the monitoring of the program would be done through the following channels:

Monitoring through the Committees constituted at different levels starting from Block to the Centre.

Monitoring through an independent agency or the qualified Monitors

Monitoring through conference sat the national, regional, state or district levels and visits of officials to the project sites

Monitoring with the involvement of community through social audit mechanism



The Block Level Committee for MsDP would be responsible for monitoring of the program at the block level. This committee would meet at least once in a quarter and send its report to the District Level Committee for Prime Minister’s New 15Point Program (DLC).The Block Level Committee would also be supported by the Block Level Facilitators  (details  at  Para 13)  to  be engaged in  each block where this program would be implemented. The District Level Committee shall hold quarterly meeting to review the progress of implementation of the projects under MsDP and send their ports to the State Level Committee for Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Program (SLC) by the 15th day of the next quarter.SLC should also meet at least once in a quartertoreviewtheprogressundertheprogrammeandsenditsreporttotheMinistry of Minority Affairs within one month of the end of the quarter.  The Empowered Committee at the Centre shall also serve as the over sight committee and shall monitor the implementation of the program.



The Ministry of Minority Affairs would setup an independent monitoring mechanism by engaging reputed external agencies or qualified monitors. This system would give State/UT wise periodical feedback regarding implementation of the program, which would also be shared with the States/UTs to take the necessary corrective action.



To involve the community in monitoring and assessment of the program, an appropriate mechanism of Social Audit would be adopted by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. The State/UT, district and block level administration would extend their full cooperation for the success full implementation of the social audit system. A committee namely Social Audit Committee comprising of prominent members from the community would be set up in each block to monitor the works in the block.



Regular conferences would be organized at the national, state and district level to monitor the progress under this program. The Officer sand staff associated with the program would make frequent visit to the project sites to ensure speedy implementation of the program and adherence to the quality. Regular quality test would be conducted by the State / district officials through the reputed lab facilities. The State Government/UT administration shall report the progress in respect of each project at the end of the quarter. The project-wise progress of implementation shall be reported on quarterly basis in the pro form a of Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) prescribed for this purpose at Appendix-IV and on-line when the IT enabled systems are in place. Any additional information may be furnished along with the format. Such hard copy of the QPRs should reach the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Minority Affairs within15 days of the end of the quarter under report.