Status of implementation of Prime Minister new 15 point programme in Tripura


Point No-1. Equitable availability of ICDS Service:

Govt. of Tripura has identified 72 nos of Minority dominated villages having 30% of Minority population. There is no Minority dominated District in the State. It is observed that all these 72 Minority Villages in each have 1 or more than 10 DW centers where nutrition food are being given to Students & mothers regularly.

Point No-2. Improving Access to School Education:

It is observed that in all 72 Minority villages there are at least four Junior Basic School, three Senior Basic School, two High School and in some cases one Higher Secondary School. The students up to Class-VIII are getup food regularly.

Point No-3. Greater resources for teaching Urdu:

There is no Urdu speaking people in Tripura. So the engagement of Urdu Teachers in Primary & upper Primary Schools are not necessary at present here.

Point No-4. Modernization of Madrasa Education:

Under “Scheme for providing Quality Education in Madrasa” (SPQEM), Govt. of Tripura has taken up 129 no of Madrasa all over the State. Under “Infrastructure Development of Minorities Institution” (IDMI) such Madrsa are getting education facilities like additional class room, Computer Lab, Scuence rooms, Library, Toilets facilities etc. Steps have been taken for Teachers recruitment for 129 SPQEM Madrassa is also in progress.

Point No-5. Scholarship for Meritorious Students:

Apart from Centrally Sponsored Educational Schemes, the State Govt. has also been implementing severable scholarship schemes for Minority meritorious students like Per-matric Scholarship, Post-matric scholarship, special coaching in core subjects, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Award, Outfit Allowances, Nursing Courses for Minority students, special incentive to Minority girls etc.

Point No-6. Improving Educational Infrastructure through the Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Education Foundation:

Under MAEF, four nos of Computer training centers are being run in the State through which a good member of Minority students are getting benefit. More over a good number of projects has been sent to MAEF from the Department for approval.

Point No-7. Self Employment & Wages Employment for the Poor:

Efforts are being made to bring all the Minority family below poverty line under the umbrella of SGSY, DRDAs are taking severable steps to cover all the families through SHGs.

Point No-8. Upgardation of Skills through Technical Training:

State Govt. is considering on the point seriously to setup more ITI’s, preferably near to Minority dominated areas.

Point No-9. Enhancement Credit Support for Economic Activities:

Tripura Minorities Cooperative Development Corporation (TMCDC) playing a vital role in making the Minority youths self employed by way providing loan on low rate of interest in different viable projects. In this regard Tripura Minorities Cooperative Development Corporation borrowing fund from National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation, New Delhi. In addition to his Banks have been requested to cover more minority families while awarding loan under different schemes.

Point No-10. Recruitment to State & Central Services:

State Govt. is considering seriously and much progress is made on this point of keeping Minority representative in the selection Committees and recruitment of Minority candidates in Govt. jobs.

Point No-11. Eguitable Share in Rural Housing Schemes:

At the time of allocations the Blocks IAY houses it is always kept in mind that equitable share of houses are provided to Minority families.


Point No-12. Improvement in Condition of Slums Areas inhabited by Minority Communities:

  There is no slum area in the State which is dominated by Minority people.

  In the Minority dominated areas, the Departments like DWS, RD, PWD (R&B) etc are taking several efforts to extend the facilities like pure drinking water, implementation RD schemes like NREGA and construction of Roads & bridges or extension of electric line.


Point No-13. Prevention of Communal Riots:

There is no incident of communal riots in Tripura.

Point No-14. Projection for Communal Offences:

There is no incident of Communal offences in the State.

Point No-15. Rehabilitation of victims of Communal Riots:

There is no incident of communal riots & so there is no case of rehabilitation on this point.