Madrassa Education

The School Education Department has taken steps for improvement of Madrassa. At present 51 (4 High Madrassa, 6 School Madrassa and 41 Junior Madrassa) grant-in-aid Madrassas are available with total 6925 students. In 1983, there were only 16 grant-in-aid Madrassas in this State. Following Madrassas have been upgraded up to Class-‘X’.

  1. Kailashahar – Tilla bazaar Islamia Madrassa
  2. Dharmanagar – Kurti High Madrassa
  3. Sonamura – Daodharini Siddikia High Madrassa
  4. Bishalgarh – Islamia High Madrassa

In addition to this, as per Government of India schemes, 129 Madrassas are getting assistance under Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrassa (SPQEM) with 11710 students.

In the High madrassas students are taught in Bengali, English, mathematics, Life Science, Pure Science, History and Geography in addition to Arabic Language and Islamic Education.

The School Education Department has taken steps for developing infrastructure of these Madrassas by constructing pucca building, toilet facilities, boundary wall, kitchen for mid-day meal and availabilities of drinking water. Electricity also has been extended to the Madrassa and furniture are being supplied.

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